Whenever we buy a house, it must transmit the correct type of energy in order to be considered a home. We all always hope for the best and pray for quiet, peace, and success in our families. Staying optimistic and praying is one thing, but have you ever considered what else you can do to achieve all of your life objectives while also attracting calm and positivity? The answer to that is Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra, which literally translates to "the science of architecture," lays down the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry for a home or any built-up structure; sometimes incorporating traditional Hindu (and even Buddhist) religious beliefs. Vastu theories provide ideas and concepts for making a living space harmonious with nature, not limited to rigid layout diagrams and integrating geometric patterns. It is one of the factors that genuinely transforms your "house" into a "home." Negative energies would never be able to enter such dwellings if the construction is carried out in accordance with Vastu preferences. The same holds true when moving into a new home. To give the house a "Vastu-touch," all it needs is a Vastu specialist and a few minor adjustments and alignments of the things.

Here are the 5 crucial spaces of your home where you must choose Vastu Shastra to be prosperous:

  • Main Entrance of the home: Doorway

    The main entrance to a home, according to Vastu Shastra, is not just the entry point for the family, but also for energy. It is suggested that the main doorway should always face the north, east or the north east direction. The reason behind the main door being built in such a manner is that when you step out of your home, you should exit in these directions. The main doorway of the home is also considered to be “archway to victory and progress in life”.

    The material that should be used to make the gate is wood of superior quality and should be placed to tower the other doors of the home. Some other things that you should keep in your mind for your home doorway are:

    • There shouldn't be a bathroom near the main door.
    • Outside the main entryway, avoid putting a fountain or any other attractive water-centric element.
    • Decorate your front entrance with lovely nameplates and fortunate torans.
    • Make sure your main door opens clockwise.
    • Avoid painting the main door black.
    • Animal sculptures or figurines should not be placed near the main entryway.
    • Avoid putting a shoe rack or a garbage can outside the main door.
  • Living Room

    This is a gathering place for the family to host friends and guests. The environment must be as harmonious as possible in order to provide a relaxed canvas for the development of healthy and long-lasting connections. Living Room is the sole room in the house that acts as an open playground for the many energies that enter your home. Some tips according to the Vastu Shastra for the living room are:

    • Choose a softer or pastel color palette for this space to instill calmness and compassion.
    • The living room should be oriented to the east, north, or north-east. A north-west-facing living room is also advantageous.
    • All gadgets and appliances should be located in the living room's south-east corner.
    • The north wall of the living room should be the only corner where the mirror is supposed to be placed.
  • Kitchen

    It is the place where the home's sustenance originates is also incredibly important in Vastu houses to balance out the energies, since these may be passed on to the meals cooked in here. The "South-West" corner is the most Vastu-favored area to put up any kitchen. Otherwise, the "North-West" corner will suffice. While setting up your kitchen, do remember these pointers:

    • Avoid using black tiles or paint on the walls or furnishings in this room; instead, choose bright, lively colors that represent warmth and affection.
    • All burners and stoves must face south, but the drinking water should always face northeast.
    • Because of the spinning of significantly different energies, try to position the kitchen as far away from the bedroom as feasible.
  • Bedroom

    The tiniest things may sometimes change your fortunes around. Vastu Shastra explains how changing the layout of your bedroom may boost good energy and even improve relationships between couples.

    • A temple, artwork representing water, or a fountain in the bedroom should be avoided since they may provoke emotional outbursts.
    • According to Vastu, the bedroom door should always be opened to a maximum of 90%. It is critical for bringing optimism into the space.
    • Your head should be towards south when sleeping since it is the most peaceful and relaxing orientation.
    • De-clutter your bedroom and keep only what you really need.
    • Place a mirror or television away from the bed. When you are in bed, you should not look in the mirror since it generates disputes and other domestic interruptions.
  • The Prayer/ Pooja Room

    A Pooja room is one of the most significant and auspicious locations in any home. A Pooja room, in essence, functions as an engine that propels and circulates various energies throughout the home. As a result, great attention must be given when planning and arranging the Pooja room. According to Vastu, the north-east corner of your home is the greatest and most auspicious orientation and location for the Pooja room. If the north-east location is not possible, it might be placed on the east or west side of the house. Once set up according to Vastu, the Pooja room spreads harmonious feelings throughout the house, amplifying good energy.