Living rooms are typically one of the busiest areas in your house, so applying trends to create a living room layout that is welcoming, attractive, and functional is critical. There is something for everyone in the rising new trends for living room ideas in 2022.

You may go for the serene, soothing back-to-nature themes that incorporate earthy colours and succulents, or you can get creative with the maximalist mood, which includes multicoloured carpets and mix-and-match soft furnishings. Whether your living room is an open-concept space in need of parlour-style seating zones or a smaller, cosier space, these living room ideas will inspire your next design endeavour. You can't go wrong with any trend since it's all about self-expression and making the most of your space to create your own version of a happy house.

  • Living Room zones for work, recreation and rest.

    In the recent time our homes have been used heavily due to Covid-19, especially the living room which have become home offices, home schooling hubs, and entertainment spaces. As a result, the new trend of zoning is destined to be a permanent means of ensuring that our living spaces precisely meet our diverse lives.

    Whether in a single or open-plan room, careful zoning allows homeowners to establish divisions and unique places to accommodate work, relaxation, and play. Non-permanent room dividers, strategically placed rugs, and furniture arrangements can all serve to offer separation without completely enclosing designated sections.

  • Using Clashing Colour Combinations

    A well-chosen clash of colours might result in a living space that actually sings with excitement. Because this is an area for both socialisation and solitude, you want shades that excite as well as soothe you. One example of colour combination is Pink and green, the reason being they complement each other quite well, and it's a terrific way to brighten up a place.

    Balance is essential, especially when many individuals continue to work from home. Integrating more neutral tones to counter your vivid colours may assist offer calmness when you need to focus, but you can also be invigorated when it's time to turn off for the day and allow the space to return to its primary role.

  • Bring the outside into our living rooms

    Welcoming the outdoors in is one trend that is expected to grow in popularity by 2022. Dressing our houses with house plant ideas is as popular as it has always been, as homeowners attempt to create a sense of serenity for their interior living spaces by being surrounded by nature. The cause for this trend to become famous is solely due to people continuing to spend more time at home. Expect plants that are easy to care for, as well as bigger leafy plants that offer a sense of escape, quiet, and relaxation to our living spaces.

  • Pattern designed living rooms

    Pattern is a terrific way to add individuality to a room's interior design. It can be utilised to define a space and alter the tone of various sections. The idea is to begin with a cloth with a distinctive design that includes more than three colours. Choose the colours for the scheme from that fabric, then choose a variety of designs in that palette – possibly a stripe, a geometric, a floral, and a texture choice such as a coarse linen or honeycomb. If one goes with a large patterned sofa, let it breathe by opting for plain curtains or ones lined with a fine design.

  • A mix of finishes

    A space void of texture might feel lifeless and bland, so incorporate tactile surfaces for warmth and intrigue. Textural contrasts that appeal to the senses, such as rough and smooth, gloss and matt, hard and soft, are being used by an increasing number of designers this season. Alternatively, in a neutral area, utilise texture as an accent. Experiment with different accent colours and textures — a crisp, polished table will stick out in a space with softer finishes. Use in moderation, particularly in tiny living rooms, as incorporating too many distinct textures (like colour) will make a smaller space appear overly cluttered and imbalanced.

    Florals' delicate yet powerful character may bring a new depth to any scheme, whether conventional or contemporary. Delicate, meadow-style prints are the prettiest way to add pattern while maintaining a distinctly country living room atmosphere – a reference to the ever-growing movement for shopping local as well as the effort to rescue the bee populations that rely on these species.