We Design Experience


Higgs Boson and Co takes a great pleasure in designing spaces for technological companies, that improve the performance of the business and growth and retain top talents of the company. Be it a startup company or an established tech company, the purpose that Higgs Boson stands for is to elevate the human experience to inspire employees as they create innovative tools. Additionally, we always work closely with these companies and help them remain relevant locally and consistent globally.

While designing the workplace for tech companies, the design team factors in wellness and harbor towards creating in person and virtual communications. Higgs Boson has set a standard of creating branded environments that convey the companies’ values and establish a sense of purpose, which incites the employees to work towards influencing society positively. Importantly our design team pays special attention to create designs that are meaningful which allows these tech space to include the community. These public-facing space types — reception, all-hands, and culinary — provide opportunities for programming that establishes tech as good neighbors and contributing members of the cities and suburbs in which they conduct business.

The pandemic has created a heightened focus in improving health, a trend that continues to emphasize mental health, personal relationships, and self-care. The next generation of wellness amenities will connect quiet rooms, prayer and meditation rooms, and biophilic spaces to create a health and wellbeing ecosystem that allows for introspection and self in an uncertain and changing world.