We Design Experience

Every home owner desires to have a home that they have envisioned in their dreams. A vision of a home that not only meets your functional needs and accommodates your family, but also satisfies your deepest wants, even those that emerge from your subconscious. When a home is being created, its created keeping in mind the whole family. Designing a residential space is quite a challenge, as the space needs to be designed keeping in mind the preferences of the person who’s going to use that specific space and in a family the use and preferences of the members fluctuates.

Higgs Boson and Co provides a variety of solutions for space planning, design, technical services, project management, and project execution down to the smallest detail. Before developing a concept, the client's lifestyle needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed. Natural lighting, air flow, cross ventilation, and the overall well-being of the people who will live there are all prioritized in all layouts. Higgs Boson and Co is a residential interior design firm that believes in thoroughly listening to and understanding the client's needs before beginning to conceptualize the theme. Clients are kept informed throughout the process, and their feedback is solicited at all stages of the project.

Residential space design is very different in contrast to commercial or retail space design. The challenge that arises when designing a residential space is that every room is different and is governed by numerous parameters compared to commercial space design. Here at Higgs Boson all the parameters are in cooperated by our specialized design team, enabling us to provide you with your dream room.

Identifying the person and their preference

First factor that Higgs Boson design team take in consideration is finding out who that space is being designed for and identify their thought process in terms of design of the room. The thought process of that person may fluctuate from having a modern design using simple geometric forms, a sense of purity and color or having a passion for the vintage, classic, and bohemia designs. Every aspect of the space is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the person who’s going to use that room. Here at Higgs Boson, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop functioning units that match your taste and desire.

Procurement of materials

From pre-purchase to purchase, we work with the clients to help them understand the constraints and possibilities of a property. All of this leads to savings in money, time, and future disappointments. Depending on the concept, Decorator team at Higgs Boson, will obtain interior design elements such as furniture, kitchen hardware, accessories lighting, or any other specialized items, whether from the local market or must be imported. We can also design and build custom furniture, kitchenware, lighting, and other items in house according to the taste of the customer and the latest trend in the market. The precise scope determination and cost estimation further assists customers in being fully aware of the cost and features of their purchase in advance.

Styling the interior keeping in mind your thought process

Styling, more than any other function, requires you to think like an artist. Curating objects of art, sculpture, paintings, installations, and props are all hand-selected or specially commissioned. Higgs Boson and co bring not only their experience and deep understanding of color, but also texture, material, quality, and longevity. This includes furniture, wallpaper, flooring, special rooms, and ceilings. While each room and space are treated as unique, an overall collaboration with the design theme is maintained throughout.

Premier Quality is assured

Higgs Boson is sincerely committed to providing the highest level of service. All of its interiors are made from high-quality, branded materials. Qualified and experienced professionals ensure trouble-free, ready-to-use residential spaces designed in accordance with the concept. Only the most qualified vendors are chosen and educated on the company's quality philosophy and requirements, continuous improvement, and delivery of excellence. There is also a continuous quality evaluation process in place to ensure that the procedures are effective. Finally, you will receive a guarantee and commitment to go far and beyond order to achieve exceptional results within the preset schedule and budget.

Completion of the project in the proposed deadline

We adhere to strict deadlines for each stage of the design process so that you can move into your new home on time. All we need is your approval to proceed.

When all procedures are completed, most clients express awe and spontaneous compliments when they see the design concept into experience. Higgs Boson has always aspired to turn a mundane functional area into a work of living art.