We drive value

Higgs Boson and Co provides the service of cost engineering which is a crucial aspect of any project planning. Our team trusts on proven engineering practices which enables them in forecasting the development and progress of the project and spotting deviations in the plan before hand and prevent it. Before analyzing the project and understanding its pros and cons, Higgs Boson Cost engineers decides the parameters that affects and impacts the plan of the project.

Higgs Boson’s team of Cost engineers focus on these three activities:

  • Measure:

    In order to manage resources efficiently, the resources need to be measured and defined. Besides that, information and stats from previous projects are essential as those play a huge role in analyzing early risks and estimating the cost. The huge data of information from previous projects acts as a basis on which our team allocates the resources efficiently.

  • Control:

    Once our team has allocated and measured the resources available, then Higgs Boson team shifts the focus on how to control the resources. Additionally, we look for the right indicators and identify deviations and provide with potential solutions. Project managers are assisted in decision making by providing information on the alternatives.

  • Improve

    Higgs Boson always make sures that they never repeat their mistakes from previous projects and implement what we have learned into our working methods, and communicate what we discovered. Change management is thus an important part of a cost engineer's responsibilities, in order to ensure that the entire company benefits and that our working methods are up to date