Around 80% of sensory information which our brain receives comes from our eyes. As we all know humans are more attracted towards visuals which is pleasing to the eye. In order to keep one’s attention the display should be able to draw attention and keep them engaged, which is a difficult job. Owning a retail story isn’t a piece of cake. As a store owner, you wish that there’s a higher footfall in your showroom each day, which will lead to higher sales. In order to achieve that, the store should be designed in such a manner that a person who enters the shop, should eventually end up buying the product. Here comes in retail store designing which is arranging the merchandise of the store in the correct manner and making sure the decoration is right, as these factors play a huge role in increasing the footfall and helps in boosting the sales.

As we have entered 2022, the pandemic still ceases to exist and people are being more inclined towards online shopping in comparison to in store visits. Covid-19 has surely impacted retail store’s business but there is a vast group of people who still believe in purchasing products from stores.

Times have changed, retail design isn’t just about creating a layout strategically for influencing customers to buy your products but has become a whole new experience. This year’s top trend is storytelling of the brand, as it informs people about the values of the company with the purpose of creating new customer bases and retaining the old ones. The reason this trend is required to be followed, as persuading customers to buy product is one part, the other is to tell the story behind the brand, about its existence on various platform. This will help the brand to stand out from the crowd and helps in creating a loyal customer base. The ways in which brands tell their story is important because the attention span of a customer is less and to keep their attention one has to be creative. Using of short videos, blog posts and social media platforms can play a huge role in achieving this target.

The next thing which the store owners need to keep in mind is having a marvelous interior designed for the store. When one enters a store, the entry point is known as the threshold area or the decompression area. This area servers as a transition zone from the outer world to the store feeling which it offers. Colors, display, lightening and other accessory should be in a sync and have a common theme. As soon as the customers moves ahead the first wall that they encounter is known to be as the ‘power wall’. The wall needs to be designed in such a manner that it leaves a good first impression on the buyers. Moving on the layout of the store should be set in such a manner that a path is created inside the store, using the correct furniture and displays. The products in the store should be updated on regular basis in terms of new product.

The store should be interactive in terms of retail experiences. Now days as technology has made advancement, store owners can be seen using them in their store to provide the customers with interactive shopping experience. For example, now days in sports showroom, customers can try out the equipment and get a first-hand experience using the product, increasing the chances of them purchasing it.

Social media has become a hotspot and has given rise to many content creators. If a retail store, creates a content creation studio in the store, an increased number of footfalls can be seen. This studio will be free of charge, motivating content creators to come here and create videos which in turn will show the location of the store and these content creators can be asked to promote your products by Inco-operating them in their videos. This will help you stand apart from your competitors but in order to achieve this, the design should be aesthetically pleasing and incite customers to create content in them.

Another interesting thing that affects the buying pattern of customers is natural light. Numerous studies show that natural light plays an optimistic impact on buyer’s conduct in retail stores. Natural light seems to boast the working environment of the employees in the store and serves as a comfortable place for shopping as no synthetic heat needs to be generated. It is advised to always keep the check-out counter towards natural light as it leaves a positive response in terms of the purchase made by customer. Furthermore, one saves a lot on electricity bill, which is a huge bonus.

Pop up shops can also affect the reach of the brand, as it creates brand awareness. These shops have been on rise. These can also be used to conduct business surveys. For example, pop up shops can be set in various neighborhood for a time being. The business they get during this time period can be used to analyze their target customers and helps in marketing of the brand. These shops have products available for trial and this approach is considered to be famous among millennials.

These are some of the famous trends which could be used to keep the shoppers longer in your store and have a positive impact on your sales and profit. In today’s world, one cannot compromise on getting the store designed and use various trends to step out from its competitors. It’s important to be creative in your approach as shopping isn’t just about buying and selling, it’s more about creating an experience.