Maruti Suzuki Pit Stop is a new project all together, it never existed. Team Higgs Boson and Co. name the concept as Maruti Suzuki Green. As the name of the concept suggests it’s an environmental friendly initiative. Pit Stop project is created to provide car servicing services keeping in mind that it does not have a negative impact on our beloved planet, Earth. In today’s market conditions convenience plays an important role and customer seeks services near to his place. Providing service to customer vehicle is an important activity for customer satisfaction. There are certain restrictions because of local by-laws for workshop which is making it difficult to provide services next door. Hence a new Concept of Service of vehicles is proposed with dry wash and carrying out only periodic maintenance.

Challenge | How to bring car service next door

In cities or metropolitan cities, one cannot have a Service station in the middle of the city unless it’s an area for economic zone. And, there are places in the cities which are considered to be mix zones where one can set up their showroom and service center. One cannot set up these service center in residential areas as they usually generate a lot of pollutants which cannot be discharged in the drains without proper treatment. For instance, take car wash, hazardous waste is produced when a car is washed, then there is an oil and coolant change which are considered to industrial activities. These activities can’t take place in commercial and residential areas.

Another issue that the Maruti Suzuki face is having competition from local mechanics, who are tapping on Maruti Suzuki market share of car service. The reason behind this is that the Maruti Suzuki service center are located outskirts of metropolitan cities, and its not convenient for customers as they don’t even have an option of leaving their car for service and do some other activity while the car is being serviced.

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Higgs Boson and Co came up with the solution to all these problems faced by Maruti Suzuki. The solution to this problem was the project Maruti Suzuki Pit Stop. As we know the term ‘Pit Stop’ means where one person can stop for some time and then drive through again.

The reason behind keeping the concept green is keeping the environment and sustainable factor in mind. The specialty of this pit stop will be that all the industrial waste generated while changing the oil is collected, which will be later taken in Maruti Suzuki vans to be disposed in industrial areas. Only dry car wash will be conducted, as this will stop water wastage which happens when a car wash is done. If one acquires the service provided by Maruti Suzuki Pit Stops. There is ease and convivence as the servicing of a vehicle will be done in a short span of time i.e one hour or one hour & 30 minutes.

An Innovative Approach to service

While designing the retail interior for the Pit Stop, Higgs Boson & Co kept the brand values in mind. The objective behind creating Pit Stop was to provide convivence and satisfaction to the customers and provide dry wash and periodic maintenance. The reason being, this will reflect the brands perception, will be a quick and transparent process. Furthermore, its eco-friendly in nature and sustainable.

Our Unique Proposition
  1. Cost Effective and Standardization
    • We ensure that furniture and design should be cost effective and modular so it can be easily adaptable.
    • Using existing color palette & system hierarchy to maintain brand identity & VI to bring uniformity.
  2. Practical Design and Scientific Calculations
    • Look & feel should compliment the functionality of area. Optimum use of Anthropometry & Ergonomics to increase space efficiency with least area
    • We ensure that design should compliment the tasks performed in it. Hence our approach towards designing a facility is based more on the functional requirements of space.
  3. Brand Values
    • Translating brand values into design cues & further manifesting it in concept
    • Extracting clues & translating design from brand values to provide user satisfaction.
    • Reflection of values in design also helps enhance the “care for customer” impression in market.
  4. Vehicle Journey
    • Mapping Vehicle journey to understand the complete process & flow of tasks performed in premises which helps us design a space as per functionality.
    • It helps us build the connectivity between various elements in the premises and accordingly size and location of those elements will be allocated in a given space.
Journey | From Industrial to Commercial Zone

The area required for a Pit Stop is easily available within a mall’s basement or regular commercial shops area. The store layout design consists of a dry wash area and two service bays alongside having a Reception/ Waiting area. Behind that will be Spare parts area.

Higgs Boson and Co have come up with this retail interior design keeping the concept in mind and the brand values. It’s designed in such a manner that the brands value is translated into these designs.

The furniture used for decorating the interior are made/ used from reclaimed objects. For eg: Using material such as raw wood, recycled furniture and pallets. The accessories unit will be created using simple reusable material.