The concept of this idea is to bring a multipurpose studio inside Maruti Suzuki’s factory. This project is quite beautiful and challenging. The space is being created with the purpose of using it for various function. It can be used to shoot an advertisement for their vehicles, or hold a workshop on how to service a car or use it as a meeting or conference room. Furthermore, they want to use this place to record the podcasts and broadcasts of the chairman of the company, Maruti Suzuki.

Higgs Boson and Co is collaborating with Cisco on this project. As the name suggests, it’s a studio, for that the lightning and acoustic of the place needs to perfect. The challenge is to convert a small conventional place into a multipurpose studio. The design needs to be modular and adaptable as the size of the studio may be vary from place to place. Lights and acoustic needs to be designed keeping in mind the multiple functions of the studio and should cater to all purposes.