Maruti Suzuki is the largest selling automobile company in India. As being India’s highest selling automobile company, they also provide service to these vehicles. When the vehicles comes in for servicing they face technological bottleneck at these service centres, due to which a lot of congestion is created. Other troubles which the current service centres face are lack in productivity and efficiency while serving a car. A Service centre measures the productivity by seeing the number of cars serviced in one day in a single bay. Everyday results were showed that the productivity wasn’t increasing due to which customers were being unhappy with the time for servicing the vehicle and lacking efficiency.

Higgs Boson and Co have come out with the solution to these problems. First thing that will be done is complete rebranding of Maruti Suzuki Service. It will be based on the values of productivity and efficiency, which is what Maruti Suzuki as a brand focuses to achieve.

Moving ahead, the issue of technological bottleneck will be resolved, due to which congestion shall die down. Lastly the productivity and efficiency of these service centres need to be strengthened, which would enable Maruti Suzuki Service to satisfy the customers.