Maruti Suzuki was on a transformation journey, the new Maruti Suzuki Arena Channel brings a complete transformation across all aspects of the new car buying experience. Be it showroom infrastructure, human resources, customer journey within the showroom, digitally equipped processes and systems for a seamless customer connect or skilled manpower in Dealerships to enhance productivity, at Maruti Suzuki Arena everything is inspired by the new age Indian. Higgs Boson & Co were behind this astounding transformation, as they accounted in the key element required for representation of brand, i.e quality of the Dealership’s infrastructure. The motivation behind this transformation was to enhance customer’s brand experience.

While designing the concept, Higgs Boson & Co. conducted intensive research of the brand and market. The findings of which suggested that the design concept needs to be a fusion of
global trends in commercial spaces. It is of utmost importance to include lifestyle spaces that focus on using digital tools to acquire and experience real-time information about the
products. This will help in simplifying the selection process of desired products for the customer, while simultaneously creating a database for future reference. The design team at
Higgs Boson & Co identified the customer traits and expectations which combined to provide us with the supply chain. The channel values are delivered through products, content, and
experience. It is more important to address customer expectations through a friendly demeanor and confidence, which helps in creating a refreshing first impression and a lasting


The identification of customer traits and expectations combine to supply channel values. The channel values are delivered through products, content, and experience.

The customers are broadly divided into two types-

Existing Customers

  • They generally opt for rational reasoning to select a product.
  • They give importance to performance over design.
  • They rely on traditional media for information, like newspapers, before buying a car.

Future Customers

  • They want to make the right impression to stand out.
  • They have a trendy and stylish mindset.
  • They are more social, in comparison to existing customers.
  • They seek new and exciting experiences and ook forward to new thrills.

Thus, it is more important to address customer expectations through a friendly demeanour and confidence, which helps in creating a refreshing first impression and a lasting relation.


An exciting showroom is the one that lets the customer experience the thrill of the Maruti Suzuki brand in a dynamic and pleasant setting. Therefore, Higgs Boson & Co’s design team
came up with a new channel concept based on ‘Dynamism’.

The concept redefines the way of “Enjoying car life” by providing a wide range of product lineup that is inclusive, vibrant, trendy, social, modern, and affordable.

Thus, the concept represents various touchpoints during customer journey. In the Arena Channel philosophy “Enjoying car life” means – The enjoyment of:

  • Selecting a car
  • Owning a car (the pride and satisfaction attached to the emotion)
  • Using a car

The purpose behind following this philosophy is to upgrade the existing channel which will allow the customer to feel/ experience at various touch points. Those are cars, dealers, digital
media, professional staff etc being involved in the customer journey.

  • The products which are kept for display, provide the customers with the perception that it is conservative and affordable but MSIL’s strength is its wide range of products which
    have evolved to be modern and luxurious.
  • The dealership doesn’t express the way of enjoying car life.
  • The car variants that are put up for display in the showrooms aren’t visible effectively and isn’t being utilized for branding.
  • The showroom directing is poorly coordinated with TV commercials or website information.
  • The stereotypical sale talks which relied on the specifications listed on the catalogs and price list.
  • The façade of the store lacks drawing customer attraction.
  • There is no propre utilization of space, leading to insufficient parking for the customers.
  • The dealership lacks in reception function.
  • The business talking zones were always crowded and disorderly.
  • The accessory zone present at the stores were deteriorating into dead space.
  • The customer lounge had poor lights as it was dimly lit.

Higgs Boson & Co design team decided to come up with resolutions for the above problems which existed in the dealerships across India. The whole brand was revamped which even
included the tiniest of details. The resolutions were:

  • The design team came up appealing façade designs.
  • Various signs were put up for attracting customers, for example ‘Reentry signs’.
  • The dealership outlet was changed thoroughly which now included test drives, parking lots and adequate space for customer flow.
  • Installation of interactive devices which were readily available for customer use and digital signage.
  • Redesigning the zoning, color schemes, ceilings, floors, lighting and fixtures.
  • Revision of spec stands, panels, catalogue stands
  • The dealership needs simple interior signs.
  • Creation of exclusive delivery zone which will enhance the customer’s experience.
  • Adding Lounge and cafe spaces in the dealership.

The design concept for Maruti Suzuki Arena was proposed keeping in mind the brand values. Higgs Boson & Co design team’s aim was to provide an everlasting experience to customers
entering the dealership and aspired to make the customers connect with the brand values by creating a space which showcased those values in their design. MS Arena design concept
implemented the brand values in their design which are dynamism that could be seen in the product, content and experience which could be felt when one entered the store. As MS
Arena is a premium dealership that is designed keeping in mind what’s trendy and vibrant in the market. Additionally, reliable service is provided by MS Arena that helps in building trust
among customers for future assistances and information provided by the sales people is trustworthy.

Higgs Boson & Co designed the Maruti Suzuki Arena space by apportioning it in six zones,
which are:

  1. Entrance Zone
  2. Navigation Portal Zone
  3. Product Branding Zone
  4. Personal Presentation Zone
  5. Administrative Zone
  • Entrance Zone: Comprises pylon and parking space. Installed a simple yet dynamic canopy designed to generate an eye-catching exterior identity for the dealer, while serving as an icon for all Maruti Suzuki brand outlets.
  • Navigation Portal Zone: Installation of the “Value Vision” (large-scale signage) as one of the symbolic items in the new dealers. Placed at the hub of the dealer interior, this information device is visible from anywhere within. It furnishes comparison-based introductions highlighting the differences between rival products and Maruti Suzuki, profiling the merits and convenience of Suzuki models and their ability to support lifestyle needs. As customers move around the dealer, they will learn about the various good points of the Maruti Suzuki lineup.
  • Product Branding Zone: The exhibit and staging unit, engineered to present the appeal of each individual car, worldview information, accessories and lifestyle goods in an integrated package. Reaching beyond the cars alone to generate appeal for hobbies, activities and other dimensions, the stress is on visually showcasing the fun and joys of car life. There’s a ‘Value Vision Zone’ in this area which has a “Navigation Portal” (digital table) as one of the emblematic items in the new dealers. Serving as the initial contact upon entering the dealer, this is the access point for hands-on experiencing of the dealers (and brand). The Navigation Portal Assistant furnishes hospitality in a guide-like capacity
  • Personal Presentation Zone: The Personal Presentation Zone (also called Coffee Consultation) is designed as a comfortable, informal space for sales consultation and enquiry purpose. This zone is meant for discussions on products, customer’s needs analysis and finalization of purchase decision in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The zone takes the centerstage of the showroom, allowing for an uninterrupted view of the whole showroom, inviting interest and curiosity, while simultaneously inspiring trust and confidence in the brand. The zone consists of discussion tables, designed for customer interaction and centrally controlled displays. The furniture is specifically designed to create comfortable discussion environment for both – the customer and the Maruti Suzuki representative.
  • Administrative Zone: Provides support to the customer before and after purchase.
Add Ons | Additional Zones created for MS Arena
  • Accessories Area: The Accessories Area is a part of product branding zone. This space excites the customer with a unique accessory-buying experience by way of virtual
    visualization of his/her personalized car, created with Maruti Suzuki accessories. The Accessories Display units are divided in accordance with the accessories used in the

    • Exterior
    • Interior
    • Music
    • Lifestyle
    • Safety

Powered by an interactive screen, the customization zone helps the customer experience “Do it Yourself” concept in personalizing their car. The zone lets the customer explore car colors and accessories, extensively. The display unit features three levels of display boxes. It also has storage space at the bottom for additional variants of accessories on display. Category signage are installed at the top of the module. Off white, the color in sync with the overall color scheme of the showroom, is the predominant color used in the display unit.

  • Owners Lounge and Café: A comfortable lounge space in the showroom is provided for the existing customers. The name ‘Owner’s Lounge’ says it all. Moreover, the space beautifully portrays the joy of owning a car. The furniture of the space is carefully selected to ensure functionality and a cozy ambience for maximum comfort. The Lounge comprises a wall niche which displays stylish photo frames with photographic
    themes reflecting on cars and the daily lifestyle of the target audience. The Lounge also features a generous selection of books, magazines, and new car catalogues. To maximize the comfort level, it is recommended to keep the Lounge next to the Cafe. The size and the layout of the Owner’s Lounge are governed by the showroom size, spatial configuration, and shape. Digital display and relevant standardized
    content will provide a sense of premiumness to the customer.
  • Value Vision: Installed across all the Arena Dealerships. It features a centrally controlled display to ensure maximum visibility, scheduled contents for various MSIL brands, and other relevant information for the customer. Placed at the hub of the Dealership interior, this information device profiles the merits and convenience of Maruti Suzuki models and their ability to support lifestyle needs. Even when the customer moves around the showroom, the Value Vision does not stop reinforcing the outstanding features of the Maruti Suzuki line-up. Especially designed content in multiple frames will be run as per schedule, exposing the customer to brand lifestyle AVs, Product launch AVs, Management Speaks, etc. Using of CMS is crucial in these dealerships as it’s a tool to categories, load, sync, and play uniform content in all audio-visual channels across all the showrooms. It is centrally controlled by MSIL to provide uniform and unique brand experience at every MS Arena dealership

Higgs Boson and Co. developed detailed manuals for Retail design along with standardised construction practices for Maruti Suzuki Arena. These Retail Design Manual provides the user guidelines for a standardised showroom design. It elaborates details of space planning and materiality, along with parameters to regulate construction work on site. As the respective site conditions of the showrooms are different, standardisation gives the customers a sense of familiarity and confidence in the brand.