HBCO Design Studio

HBCO is among the best design studio based in Noida, India.


Developing an Interior Design Budget

What is Design Budgeting?

Developing an interior design budget on your own isn’t easy. There is SO much that goes into each one, from products to labor to shipping to taxes and beyond…
But a well thought-out budget is critical to a successful design project!

Creating a Concept.

A design budget starts with your vision for the space. We ask you to gather inspirational images that represent what you’d like to see.

Are we installing a wall of built-ins? Looking at classic subway tile or a laser cut mosaic on your backsplash? Envisioning layered draperies or clean solar shades? Are you drawn to minimalistic, maximalistic or somewhere in between?

Analyzing Quality Required

Think about the QUALITY and DURABILITY of what you want in your home. Do you have kids and need a performance fabric (Crypton) on your upholstery? Do you have furniture that will be in full sun and should fight fading (Sunbrella)?
These specialty fabrics all cost a premium, but have important roles in creating a space that lasts.