We Think in Spaces.

Designing Spaces to Enhance Your Life.

Experience Your Senses.

Interior Design is about experience

Higgs Boson transforms your dreams into design concepts that you can experience in real life

  • Commercial Office

    We are experts in transforming your commercial space into a motivating and efficient atmosphere. Our team blends your vision and beliefs into the design concept just to express the brand identity.
  • Retail

    We seek to transform your retail store into an experience, allowing visitors to feel your brand's values Retail design is meant to emulate all aspects of the brand.
  • Residential

    We hope to make your ideal house a reality so you may experience it firsthand. All of the concepts are woven together to create a lovely motif that may well be replicated throughout your home.
  • Construction

    We are a large-scale multifunctional organization that offers industrial infrastructure services. We offer years of expertise executing large and complicated industrial and urban infrastructure projects.

Higgs Boson's design team intends developing an experience that is built around your beliefs and values.

Transform your area into an astonishing designed place that reflects your beliefs and value in the experience it creates.


Higgs Boson's unique approach to delivering projects that are unparalleled in terms of experience

What's new at Higgs.

Maruti Suzuki Service

In collaboration with Dentsu Impact:
Service Centers crafted to eliminate technology bottlenecks and boost efficiency and productivity.

Maruti Suzuki Studio

In collaboration with Dentsu Impact:
The first car manufacturer factory to include a multipurpose studio designed in partnership with Cisco.

What kind of design projects are you interested in?

Designing for life

The world has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement for nearly a quarter-century. Higgs Boson & Co are passionate about designing places where human life and ecosystems flourish. We have a reputation for addressing these issues as it’s our call of duty to be dedicated to building a better future for the following generations. Our work is guided by the framework, which we refer to here at Higgs Boson as Designing for life.

We seize every opportunity to set an example for environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Our outlook enables us to collaborate with forward-thinking clients who want to create a better future for our local and global communities.

In order to understand our service better, let’s first understand what designing for life is. Higgs Boson’s sole purpose is to create a high-functioning place that encourages human and ecological welfare at each level. Research being the core source of information, projects by Higgs Boson are proficient enough to endure, adapt, promote biodiversity and assist life to thrive on an individual and community scale.

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